Installmentloansinc.com is an installment loan lender matching service and is not responsible for granting loans. As a matching service, Installmentloansinc.com cannot guarantee approval, loan amounts or alter or influence any decision making buy the actual lender. Visitors to our site are matched with potential lenders, which is the extent of our involvement in the transaction. We do not perform any credit checks or any other action on our site which may be necessary to qualify for a loan.

Installmentloansinc.com is an independent business and is not associated with, or the representative of, any of the lenders that we use. We do not favor, prefer, or recommend any lender above the other. We strictly match your information with lenders in our database that could potentially provide you service.

Visitors that are interested in obtaining a cash advance are required to submit a simple application form that is used to determine eligible lenders. Once that information is submitted, lenders will contact you directly to compete for your business. It is very important that you review the lending policies of each lender completely to determine which loan is right for you. Installmentloansinc.com is not responsible for any lending policies that the client does not understand.

Applicants are not required to accept any loan terms that they do not approve. There are no financial obligations to Installmentloansinc.com or any lender if an offer is declined. An offer is not considered a binding contract until an electronic signature is provided to the lender giving approval for the transaction.

Some lenders may require a credit check prior to approving a loan. This is at the discretion of the lender and only upon approval of the applicant.

There may be some disadvantages to taking out a quick cash loan. Applicants should review all terms and conditions of the loan prior to acceptance. Installmentloansinc.com does is not responsible for any interactions between the lender and the applicant. Additionally, Installmentloansinc.com will not work as a mediator between parties regarding repayment, terms and conditions or any other issue regarding the loan.

Quick cash loans are regulated by state laws and some states will not allow matching services to operate in their state. At this time, Installmentloansinc.com cannot offer services to residents of West Virginia or Georgia. These and other terms are subject to change. Installmentloansinc.com can implement any changes necessary without prior consent to stay within the requirements of all state laws.

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